Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Weekend!

This weekend has been WONDERFUL!  Nothing too eventful going on...however, with Jason being gone all week with work and I was at work earlier and later than normal this week, it was nice to relax and just spend time together!

On Saturday we just relaxed...watched some romantic movies, caught up with some emails and some house work, and Jason made us a steak dinner!  It was yummy and perfect...however, he made me work for it by having to fan a towel under the smoke detector because they decided to start blaring...and he did not even burn anything...LOL!!!

Today we got up and went to church at Southland Christian was a great experience and we are definitely going again!!!  We have gone back and forth between Church of Christ and Christian churches recently...both have what we really want the only huge difference amongst the two is instruments/no instruments. We had waited until now to visit Southland mainly because it is HUGE!  In fact many people joke that it is Lexington's version of Six Flags over Jesus...which in return refers to Southeast Christian Church in Louisville which is not only HUGE but MASSIVE (escalators included)...good thing for us Southland is not that big!  It definitely made us nervous to made this trek to the church building this morning.  But as we are driving I am praying that God would relieve this nervousness and help us to know today if this was a place for us or not.  We had to park so far out that there were buses driving people up to the building!  We chose to hike it...exercise and worship all in one morning...can't beat that!!!  So when we got inside we were just as amazed at the size of the inside as we were on the outside!  Much to Jason's hesitation I got as pretty close to the front and I am so glad that I did!  The worship music was wonderful, the message was even better, and we both walked away LOVING it!!!  God definitely showed me that I was wrong!!!  Next we are going to go to the "newcomers" class so we can get familiar with everything.  Then hopefully we will get connected with a Life Group...which we feel is very important with a church this size!  We are bound a determined to get connected at this congregation!  Thank you for those of you who have been praying for us to find the church that suits us best!  Your prayers have worked and we can't thank you enough!

This week and weekend we will be preparing and planning for Jason's dad, Jerry to come for a visit!  We are so excited to see him!  We are praying this warm weather sticks around because he is not a huge fan of cold weather.  If I was from California I would not be a huge fan it is...I am already tired of it!

To wrap up a wonderful and MUCH warmer weekend I made us customized chocolate shakes!

                               Jason's double chocolate gummy bear shake

                                    Ashley's double chocolate shake

Go love on someone special!

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